Jan 1, 2013

The “art of rubber” on show in Varese

In November 2013 at the historic “Ghiggini” Art Gallery in Varese , the capital of Italy’s shoe industry, local artist and sculptor Maestro Pietro Scampini was on show with his personal "Art of Rubber" exhibition, that collected twenty works masterpieces featuring Vibram soles . The artist created abstract and irregular mosaics with a multitude of tassels obtained from the performance rubber soles , making a unique and to-date unseen play of lines, curves and shapes of various sizes, framed on the gallery walls. The inauguration at the Ghiggini gallery was attended by the ebullient, art-conscious and socially-friendly community in Varese , as well as by very pleased Vibram guests in seeing their primary raw material represented in an unusual and captivating art medium, right in their backyard. The exhibition also featured Marco Valenti ’s works, a fashion photographer whose eye for style, further flattered Scampini’s work with his own epic and fantastically terrestrial interpretation of the Maestro from Varese . A delightfully unexpected and interesting art showcase from Vibram’s performance world.

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