Jan 1, 2007

Vibram China Tech Center

Vibram, a world leading company in the manufacturing of technologically advanced shoe soles, has announced the Vibram China Tech Center, with the ambitious goal of becoming the new Far East Headquarters for Research and Deve lopment. Located in the heart of the shoe manufacturing district of Guangzhou (China), the center will be opened in 2009. The center will include more than 6,000 square feet assigned to the Center for Innovation, 43,000 square feet will be dedicated to Industrialization and Production and 12,000 square feet will be dedicated to Testing . The Vibram China Tech Center will also be available for all employees in search of a location to use for the research and development of new innovations. It will offer reception services, meeting and seminar rooms, an R & D laboratory, offices, a hotel and a spa. Workers may also stay at the center to relax while working closely and building up partnerships with other guests. The final objective is to create a true network of enterprises in the world of shoe manufacturing. The Vibram China Tech Center: our future is already here.

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