Jan 1, 2013

Vibram & Warrior Dash Italia

!!! SEE THE BELOW PHOTOGALLERY OF THE FIRST RACE !!! Great success for the first Italian appointment with Warrior Dash , the epic event promoted by Vibram : Sunday May 19th more than 1,000 runners and athletes of all levels have challenged each other in a memorable competition. The itinerary was breathtaking : 7.3 km with 12 obstacles, barricades, weights to carry, jumps, ropes, difficult passages, even in the mud and on rubber platforms. Curiosity and interest for the Vibram area , which was set up in the village, where a lot of warriors had the chance to test the performance of Vibram FiveFingers® , the advanced footwear with a five separate fingers construction. The comic actor Roberto Ciufoli, a Vibram FiveFingers® user, has been the official voice of the whole event. Energy, impact and epic force: these are the principal traits of Warrior Dash, the race born in the US and now, for the first time on stage in Italy. An exciting and spectacular competition, so beloved to record more than one million participants in all America, in 2012. It doesn’t surprise that the main sponsor of this unique Italian edition is Vibram, a brand that has made the history of outdoor and now represents the excellence of Made in Italy with high technology. Vibram® and Vibram FiveFingers® embrace the multi-sport philosophy of Warrior Dash, which sees participants looking for resources and diversified competences, enhancing the strength of the group. In order to tackle the race course is essential to achieve a strong psycho-physical preparation, which is the result of a constant and structured on several levels training, from running to cross fit. Endurance, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, precision: they are all essential qualities for a great multi-sport test as Warrior Dash. Qualities which can be improved both in terms of individual training and as team resources.Qualities which have always been associated with Vibram FiveFingers®, the footwear that has changed the face of outdoor sport. The first stage of Warrior Dash Italy toke place this past May 19th at Milan's Idroscalo Park. Runners and athletes of all levels tested themselves against original and epic route. The race circuit, built on 7 km, included 12 obstacles, with a ride in the mud, long ropes to climb, about 2.5 m high walls to climb over.

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