Dec 30, 2014

Vibram Wearable Technology

The Vibram Smart Concept Sole was inspired by tactical needs for military operations, law enforcement and firefighting. It includes an integrated electronic board for controlling integrated hardware. A smartphone and app could also serve in place of the standalone remote.

The most universally useful application of the Smart Concept Sole is its lighting system. The integrated LEDs shine a diffuse array of light on the ground ahead, allowing the user to see where they're going in the dark while still maintaining a low profile. The LEDs have three brightness settings, and a flashing red LED tail light to increase wearer visibility for activities like running at night.

Vibram envisions the sole of the future being stocked with a variety of sensors to provide a warning system for users. A gas sensor would monitor for hazardous gases, something that could be useful in firefighting and law enforcement, while a proximity sensor would monitor for upcoming obstacles in scenarios such as dark, unfamiliar territory and smoke-filled buildings.

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