Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France
Age: 27
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When did you start trail running?

What were you doing before trail running?
Missing out!... Long distance triathlon, Ironman and long distance world championships, ultra distance cycling events. Ski mountaineering.

Your best race or moment in 2014?
TDS – Early evening, cruising along the ridge toward Mont Joly with the silver Lac de la Girotte to the side, and arriving into Chamonix in a strong position greeted by friends and family.

Your 2015 objectives?
Top 0.5% placing in all 6 main events with team Vibram. Build towards towards solid performances in the 100 mile classics in 2016. To further discover my potential and love for trail running with Team Vibram.

The two races you are particularly motivated for?
My hometown CCC – Chamonix, France. August (101km 6100m+). The adventure of Trail Bourbon – Ile de la Reunion. October (90km 5655m+).

One word to define your 2015 races.
VIBRAM MAREMONTANA: Hammer down.....a fast and furious start to the season! RESTONICA: What better way to see a beautiful island – hot, rocky and some serious elevation. UTMB O CCC: (CCC) Hometown race – friends and family – I know the course like the back of my hand... BOURBON: One hell of an adventure! (and sharks)?

Your stronger quality?
Self assessment – my greatest strength lies in a solid knowledge of my weaknesses. Pain management - I have a worrying ability to suffer! Race day pacing and general endurance.

One weak point?
Chocolate Croissants... come on, I live in France!

During an Ultra-Trail, what do you have mainly in mind?
I like to stay in the 'now' its usually not much beyond my race plan. Its always very meditative for me, taking in the environment with all my senses. My mind is quiet, calm and peaceful.. which (apparently) makes a nice change from my normal hyperactivity!

A dream?
One day to stand on the UTMB Podium.

Your favorite meal?
Pre race-day Indian curry.

The best place on earth?
Ask me at the end of the season! Teteaux Vents trail or the Signal Forbes and the grand balcon Nord at home in Chamonix. From humble beginnings, the rolling hills of the Purbecks and New Forest – Southcoast UK. The Nepalese Himalaya and Peruvian Cordilla Blanca are places I'm also very fond of.

Your best trail running shoe model? Why?
Dynafit Feline Ghost and Dynafit Feline Superlight. A very positive shoe, responsive with fantastic grip in all weather conditions.

What does "Vibram" mean for you?
I am very proud to further my career with this elite team to develop and learn and redefine my own limits. The equipment is truly outstanding, Vibram is a mark of quality with durability and stability unrivaled by other brands. From snow and ice to deep mud, smooth rocks and sand; wherever adventure and competition take me and in all extremes of weather, I can always trust the superior grip of Vibram.