Sigirino (Ticino), Switzerland
Age: 17
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When did you start trail running?
In summer 2012.

What did you do before you started trail running?
I played competitive table tennis.

How long have you been on the Vibram team?
For a few weeks.

What was your favorite race?
The Mini Giir di Mont in 2014, a wonderful route with lots of changes in rhythm and with many, many people along the route to encourage the runners. It was my most emotional race, partly because I won and set the route record.

Your sporting aims for the 2015 season?
To participate in new races and better last year’s times. My main aim is to enjoy running through the mountain peaks and valleys.

Of the races scheduled for 2015, which one motivates you the most?
It’s between the "long" Giir di Mont and the Sierre Zinal Junior.

To choose just one word to define your 2015 races.

What are your strong points?
Steep ascents, runnable ascents and descents.

And your weak points?
Steep descents.

What do you think about doing an "Ultra"?
I haven’t taken part in one yet but I’m sure that it’s a great personal challenge and finishing one must be a unique experience.

Any unfulfilled aspirations?
With a little exaggeration: UTMB record, winning the Skyrunning World Series and winning the ski-mountaineering world championships.

What's your favorite dish?
Pizza carbonara (margherita + egg and pancetta).

The most beautiful part of the world?
The Alps in general, especially High Engadin.

Your favorite trail shoe model? Why?
So far I've only tried Dynafit Feline, but I think TNF Ultra MT as they're light and extremely flexible.

What does "Vibram" mean to you?
Grip and security. Grip for ascents and security for descents.