South of France
Age: 42
4th Season


French, 42 years old, fireman in the nuclear department. Married to Sophie, who is also a sports fan, he has a five-year old son, Mathis. Sébastien, a mountain and sports enthusiast, has practised the triathlon on Ironman distances for years. He joined the Trailrunning Team Vibram® in 2012, bringing fresh energy and enthusiasm to the team, in addition to his impressive sporting experience.

Sébastien is happy about his adventure in the Trailrunning Team Vibram®: the team spirit and the psychological support bolster and stimulate me to achieve results, as in Transvulcania 2013, for example, where I got 2nd place in the V1 category.

In 2013 “Captain Seb” almost did the world tour with the Trailrunning Team Vibram®: Europe, America and Asia. At Vibram® Hong Kong 100 2013 he achieved a satisfactory 20th place, and 2nd and 3rd place in the Speedgoat (USA) and Bourbon (Réunion) categories respectively.

AIM: «actively take part again this year in this wonderful team, have a great time… and do an amazing race in the TDS and Diagonale des Fous».

CALENDAR: Trail Sainte Victoire, Ultra-Ardechois, Ultra-Trail Verbier, TDS, Diagonale des Fous, Vibram® HK100, ecc...


When did you first start trail running?
I began trail running back in 2008.

How long have you been in Team Vibram?
I’ve been with them since 2012 and I’ve loved every minute.

Best memory from your 2014 Vibram season?
Summer 2014 with the Ultra Corsica and the TDS.

Your favorite race?
My top three since I started running would be Grand Raid Réunion, Marathon des Sables, Transvulcania – Speedgoat.

Your sporting objective for the 2015 season?
2015 is going to be a transitional year and I’ll be running fewer km to recharge my batteries... My two goals will be the Challenge Verbier/OCC and the Ultra Mount Fuji.

Which two 2015 races are you most looking forward to?
It’s tricky, but Madeira and the Mount Fuji race stand out... I’d also like to do Vibram proud at Chamonix.

Your 2015 races in one word.

Your strengths?
Determination, physical ability.

The psychological aspect and diet.

What do you think about during an "Ultra"?
About the hours of training I've done to try and make it to the end in a decent position and a decent state... LOL. About my family, especially my son...

Your dream?
A legendary 100-mile race in the USA: Western States – Hardrock – Leadville.

Your favorite meal?
Before, I would have said raclette (a Swiss dish made with melted cheese), but now I'd go more for a big sweet and savory salad with cheese and melon.

The most beautiful place on earth?
There are so many... but for running, getting away from it all on the crest of a mountain is just priceless, summer or winter.

Favorite trail shoe?
At the moment I use Hokas a lot - In 2015 I think I'll alternate between Hoka and TNF, depending on the type of race.

What does "Vibram" mean to you?
Extra grip and efficacy whether climbing or descending... INDISPENSABLE for me when out roaming and faced with challenging natural terrain...