During physical activities our bodies consumes amounts of energy and carbohydrates greater than our organism’s natural reserves can provide! Dried fruit pulp by Ultimum successfully meets the needs of the athletes.

  • Practicality:
    • The cheerpack mini-bottles with twist-off caps are ideal for repeated and extended use; once opened, the package may be kept in the pockets, without risking to mess up clothing, until the end of the race. A way to perform in harmony with nature.
  • Performance:
    • Easy... and without side effects. The amount of sugars burned is balanced; the products are easily digestible without being laxative.
  • Digestibility:
    • Large flow tube and exclusive closure system with easy "push-pull" operation
    • Increased hydration with less effort
  • Variety Of Choice:
    • So far plums, apricots, figs, dates, bananas and kiwi. With the Ultimum range the choice is wide, and the pleasure is diversified.

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