Frequently Asked Questions


How should my FiveFingers fit? How do I know if they are too big or too small?

FiveFingers generally should have a glove-like fit on your foot, but the best judge of size is your own comfort level. If the shoe feels too big or too small, it probably is! We offer a sizing tool online accessible on the product pages which presents recommended size conversions in a range, but please understand that this is just a general guideline and not a guarantee of size. Each model will fit and feel differently, and each person’s feet are shaped and structured differently. As such, you may fit better in a size different from what the guideline recommends, and that’s ok!
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What is your return/exchange policy?

Please click here for our return/exchange policy
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What if I don’t see the model/color/size I’m looking for?

Our website shows real-time inventory, so if it’s not online we don’t have it currently. Unfortunately we don’t have the ability to place items on backorder or put in requests for items, so please check our website periodically for updates.
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Can a woman order from the men’s sizing and vice versa?

Sure! Keep in mind that the men’s sizing is slightly longer and wider than women’s; generally about a size and half’s difference. Therefore a Men’s size 40 will fit and feel larger than a Women’s size 40.
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Can I order a product from another country?

Orders from the U.S. website can only ship to the U.S. and Canada. If you are located internationally you would need to provide a shipping address within the U.S. or Canada to receive the order. Conversely, if you are located in the U.S. and looking to purchase from an international website, you would need to operate in accordance with the respective site policies.
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Can I place my order over the phone?

All orders must be placed through our website. If you are unable to access the internet you may call our Customer Service center at +1 877 922-5462 and we can place the order on the website for you.
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How long should my FiveFingers last?

This will vary depending on the person, the model, and the use. Being a minimalist shoe, FiveFingers are made with much thinner materials than a traditional shoe, and may need to be replaced more frequently.
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My FiveFingers tore/ripped/wore out, can I get them replaced?

Our 90 day warranty applies to manufacturing defects only. Wear and tear on the shoes is not considered a defect, and your shoes may last you longer or shorter than a traditional pair of shoes.
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Can you make custom pairs of shoes?

Unfortunately we cannot make custom shoes/colors/sizes etc at this time.
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Can I get a pair of FiveFingers without the toes?

Nope. FiveFingers is who we are and what we do! However, we do partner with hundreds of other brands of footwear to provide the rubber soles for a variety of styles of shoes, including traditional shoes with a minimalist feel! Please check out some of our partner brands for “one-toed” shoes.
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I’m having trouble finding a retailer that carries FiveFingers in my area / The retailers I called do not have the shoes I want / Can you tell me who in my area carries a particular model?

At this time our store locator (and our Customer Service Agents) can tell you the stores in your area that are authorized to sell Vibram FiveFingers. Unfortunately we cannot access their inventories to let you know what they have in stock. Additionally, many retailers will cycle through brands/models/etc so they may not currently have items in stock at the time. Please be sure to call your retailer ahead of time to see if they are carrying the item you’re looking for before you make the trip. At this time, there is no Cobbler locator service for Canada. Please visit to see a list of Cobblers located in the USA.
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Can i get the soles replaced on my partner brand shoes (Merrell, Scarpa, Ugg, etc.) by Vibram Canada? Where can I access Cobbler Information?

Vibram Canada currently sells and distributes Vibram Finished Goods Only (Fivefingers, Furoshiki, etc.). We aren’t involved in rubber manufacturing, distribution or partner relationships.  In the USA, there is a great new program called Sole Factor, where you can re-sole any pair of shoes (which qualify) with an assortment of custom soles we offer in a variety of colours and usage types.  For more information on this program, please visit the following link:  Or can call 978 831 1942 for more details. 

Additional Cobbler Information can be found using our US Site Cobbler Locator (or you can call the above number):

*Please be aware that each re-sole is handled by a third party provider and added restrictions or charges may apply dependent on your location and needs.  Thank you!

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