Meindl Goldegg GTX Lady


Meindl Goldegg GTX Lady

A partnership between Vibram® and Meindl has produced a new family of boots including the Goldegg GTX /Goldegg GTX Lady styles.

  • Nubuk upper
  • Ecological fur lining and GORE-TEX®
  • Lambskin insole
  • Vibram® Boulder MCT outsole


Boulder MCT

Vibram® Boulder MCT is a sole developed with exclusive Vibram® Icetrek compound and designed specifically to take grip on icy surfaces to as-yet unexplored levels. The design of the sole works in perfect harmony with Vibram® MultiControl Tech technology to offer:

  • wide lugs to ensure maximum stability
  • draining channels designed to improve grip and safety
  • a toe designed to maximise protection and grip
  • a high profile midsole for better safety and protection

Technology and Compound


  • Superior grip on icy surfaces and cold terrain
  • Engineered for low to very low temperatures
  • Rubber compound suitable for indoor/outdoor