Falco Extreme Pro 3.1


Falco Extreme Pro 3.1
  • Upper: Mycro-synth
  • Liner: Air-tech vented lining
  • Protections: Eso-Motion 2 MX rear articulation system; Dual-Motion P.U. moulded shin-plate; All-Around P.U. chassis construction; Heavy-duty leather heat shield; Dual-density rubber sole with reinforced arch support; Replaceable Vibram Slider
  • Closure: Micro-adjustable and replaceable Alu buckles
  • Colors: White
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VSM Tech

Sole and interchangeable sliders for supermotard. VSM Technology was conceived by Vibram in collaboration with drivers participating in the supermotard world championship, from Max Manzo to Mauno Hermunen and Thomas Chareyre, this one 2012 world champion. Adopted by the TM racing team, this Vibram technology won the supermotard world title in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and once again in 2012 and 2013.

Performance, adaptability, and economy. VSM Technology is composed of the Vibram SuperMotard sole, made with an extremely abrasion resistant rubber compound, and interchangeable sliders that allow the adjustment of the boot according to atmospheric conditions and the needs of the driver in terms of grip and sliding. The sliders are designed to protect the boot, which is often in contact with the track. VSM Technology, available in VSM and VSM Tech versions VSM and VSM Tech are different in terms of design and the materials chosen to guarantee maximum functionality to users. Both versions are available on many brands of boots or can be adapted to all boot types through resoling. A list of Vibram resolers is available at www.vibramrepair.com.

VSM, the widest range of sliders. The sole is made from a special compound that is suitable for all types of off-road boots. At the toe and heel, spaces for the interchangeable sliders are provided. Three different types of slider are available:

  • Dry: Synthetic material sliders, to slide better on dry and very abrasive tracks
  • Wet: Vibram SO-Bike rubber sliders for a greater grip and maximum control on wet terrain
  • Racing: Vibram Racing-Tech hybrid material, for extreme situations, on both dry and wet tracks.

VSM Tech, performance under extreme conditions. VSM Tech is a version of VSM derived from initial technology, that adds an accentuated profile, a new provision of screws to attach the blades and “pro-race” rubber for higher performance. Vibram VSM Tech is equipped with wet blades. The contributions of drivers like Christophe Bertrand have been valuable for Vibram in the design of the new dry blades, which are durable on asphalt and allow a longer life for the system. In 2007, VSM Tech conquered the supermotard world title with drivers Gerald Delepine and Adrien Chareyre from Team Husqvarna.

VSM Technology: finally, boots made for supermotard. Cemoto has chosen Vibram VSM to improve the technical performance of its boots. Thanks to the VSM technology, the Cemoto Motard boots offer a high level of protection and safety, with an excellent balance between quality and price. Other manufacturers, such as Falco, Vendramini, Gaerne and Novogar have also adopted the Vibram VSM system. It is our belief that there are always more drivers – professional and nonprofessional – that would appreciate boots equipped with Vibram technology.

Technology and Compound


  • Tested on the world’s highest peaks
  • Maintains performance at extremely low temperatures
  • Firmer compound for maximum support and durability